Drum Sticks – Why? How? Which? What?

Here is a quick video outlining why drum sticks have an alpha-numeric system. It was nice to learn something about an instrument I don’t regularly play. Comments and suggestions are always appreciated Rock On! – Ray V  

Strings breaking far too much?

Sometimes it feels like you just keep breaking strings and I’m sure you’re frustrated. There are some key reasons for string breakage and I’m going to tell you the one’s I’ve encountered. 1) Improper stringing of the guitar: If you’re not accustomed to stringing your own guitar you may over wind the string or even […]

Humidity and your guitar

One of the most important things you can do to protect your guitar is to understand the principles of humidity control. All quality guitars are built at an average of 45-47% relative humidity (rh).  It can be very dry in parts of Canada (and other parts of the world) especially during heating season, which is […]