About Us

Located in the city with a heart of gold, the mining town of Northern Ontario, Timmins.

Since its inception in 1998 Ray Perrier Music has always been dedicated to provide our customers with the best service and competitive pricing possible. Its been a long time since RPM was nothing but a booth in a video store where music lessons was the prime source of income. With time, sales began to generate more revenue than the music lessons. As a result of this increase in sales we moved to a storefront location in 2000.

Eventually, our product line expanded, and we were forced to relocate in 2006 to another location.  Today we still offer music lessons for acoustic or electric guitar & bass and are newly located at 205 Brousseau Avenue in Timmins Ontario . We started this business with a grass roots way of thinking. All the growth we have achieved was done with untraditional business practices and methods.

We use needs recognition sales tactics that prevent customers from leaving the store with products they don’t want or need. We believe this is why customers continue to come back for their musical goods. Even though this is a business, we strongly believe if we are honest and avoid high-pressure sales tactics we can maintain a profitable business while still achieving a high level of customer service.

Since we have used these methods for almost 20 years you can expect to continue to get the same quality of service for years to come.